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Paul BeaucheminWhat if you could magnetically attract more clients who: show their appreciation for your work by:

  • Paying you more money
  • Keep coming back for a lifetime
  • Refer their friends

while you step away from “being the marketer” forever?
by Paul Beauchemin

Dear Respectable Private Investigator,

You may not realize it but you could be making a grave mistake right now by following your instincts to use traditional private investigator marketing strategies, or rely on random word of mouth to keep your Private Investigation business afloat.

Because if you are here you probably face two tough realities…

Business isn’t as good as it could be-

Or you’re working too hard to get the wrong kind of business. Makes sense, right?

I know because that’s how I found out how well these strategies delivered when I was just 28…

I was working a go-nowhere job like most aimless young guys, knowing I had skill but not really sure of the best way to use it.
And because I was one of those careless guys I wasn’t great about saving money so it’s no wonder that I found myself on a dark city street on the seedier side of town when my car broke down-

the closest safe haven was a shady looking bar with a flickering neon sign that just said,
“Come In. We’re Open.”
I thought, “…this feels like one of those movies where the guys enters a bar and walks out three hours later a man-what the heck, I’ll bite.”

So I stepped inside…empty.

No one to help except a greying mug that looked like he’d seen better days.
I walked up to the counter and sat down. He stopped and looked at me, lifting and eyebrow and asked in his gruff voice,–“ya gonna order?”

I had about $15 to my name, enough for a drink, and a cab, but not a tow-which meant I had money to burn and time to kill before my I could call my roommate to hitch a ride.

I looked at his old mug and said, “yeah, what’s your best drink?” He said, “I can make you anything with two ingredients or less. This is only my second week on the job and I’m only staying until my next client comes in…” as I watched ten years melt from his face he began to stare into space and mumble-

I didn’t have to wonder what he meant for long…

“Like many guys becoming a PI was a dream of mine. In fact, anyone who knows me would say it’s’ always been written in my destiny. I knew it was my gig the first time I stayed up all night sneaking around looking for my birthday presents. It was in my blood. Knowing I could make 6 figures certainly didn’t stop me…

…Now when you’ve been a Private Investigator for more than ten minutes like me, you realize that there’s a lot more to running your own PI firm than knowing how to track down intel or take great photos.”

“Son, the truth is I failed. I wouldn’t have mattered if I was the best PI in the world, when all I can seem to get are the lowest paying clients.

I can’t even get anyone to come back after I’ve done a good job.

If you know anyone looking for a Private Investigator I’m one of the best.”

“Well”, I said, “I don’t know a lot about a lot, but I do not that spending too much time worrying about how, and when, and what to market means you’ll fail no matter what-because you’ll never have time to work”.

His hand froze, and he picked up his rag from the newly wet bar as he said, “Yeah, by now you’d think I know how to get the higher paying clients. I’ve been a “PI” for 7 years, but I was only making six figures the first 5 years, and then last 2 -there were at least 8 years in between where I hardly had enough to buy butter for my bread.”

Then he got a little louder, “You see, respectable PI’s know that making a little money doing what you love-that’s just a hobby.”

“Raking in 250k, 500k, even 1M a year-that’s a business.”
“So let me ask you, would you rather have a hobby that allows you to buy expensive, high-tech toys that suck up all of your profit,

OR would you rather make more than your accountant by doing what you love, getting your pick of clients, and still buying every high-tech toy on the market.” I asked?

He shrugged, “Does it matter?”

I took the bait because I knew something I could guarantee he didn’t. That’s why I kept on asking…

“What if option 1 meant you spent more than you made, but option 2 means you now make more than you spend-while helping people.

Good questions, right?”

If you’re like this struggling PI the answer your probably thinking was just like his, “Paul, I want it all, don’t you?”

By now you could see the wheels turning in his mind,

“Well, I did have it all-

…until I lost it, and then didn’t have it, and figured out how to get that six figure income back. Listen, I didn’t start out like lots of guys who only can only tell you about marketing, because they’ve never been PI’s. Sooner or later they get caught up in the dirty details, if you know what I mean, while I just kind of landed at the bottom where I am now.”

What he said next stunned me, “Yup, I had to work backwards. Success found me, but it didn’t find my PI friends, and then it left me. Sometimes it finds me again, sometimes it finds them. Some PI’s are down-low forever, while some just can’t spend what they make if they had two lifetimes to do it…”

Now believe me when I say that this guy wasn’t any smarter, didn’t have the best equipment, and certainly didn’t have a prettier mug than the rest of us so I’m not sure why I kept listening by I just had to know…

That’s when he said, “It was like one day I just got lucky-or so I thought. Until it all began to fade away, and that’s when I had to figure it all out.”

Finally I knew how he had me. I had to figure out WHY his income suddenly dropped.

I wanted to help him discover

how to get the highest paying clients,

because this guy was like so many others…

Life is like a dirty sock.
You don’t know it smells until you’ve smelled something better.

And it’s funny, because the more curious I became the more I realized that this answer wasn’t as plain as the nose on your face.

He kept talking and I realized…

It’s like the harder he tried to be a “high-roller PI” the less he made.

If you’re like him you’ve probably thought, “Sometimes every step I make seemed to turn clients OFF. Clients dropped like flies, even the low paying ones ran away-and suddenly I’m left in an office without money for film, facing a phone I just keep willing to ring.”

If I told you how I discovered what I know, something most PI’s would trade their high-tech spy gear for, you’d just laugh. But it’s true. Sometimes, like my friend that night, you have to reach your lowest lows.

You see, I was this young kid, just 28, and he looked at me and barely whispered, “I really want to be a PI, if only I knew what I gotta do to make it work?”

Of course I was laughing in my mind because right now nobody listening to him would want to be a PI.
I was feeling honest so I said, “It can’t be worse than where you are right now.

Life keeps passing you by whether you learn how to find the right clients or not.”

After a moment of silence I regained my sense of humanity and thought,
“Meh, Why not save him the trouble and tell him the truth…”


“Man, I know you’re smart, and you want to be a high-paid PI but the facts are the facts-

One, you’ll never make it unless you’ve know how to get clients, and keep ‘em, and

You’re probably right–most PI’s don’t have a clue.”
Imagine his shock when I responded,

“Well, I know you think you can’t do it, but

I’ve got a business marketing plan.”

A 28 year old with a marketing plan for private investigators?, he thought to himself, This I’ve got to see…

Trying to hold in roars of laughter he looked at me and said,
“Kid, maybe you’re plan is sound. Let me see what you’ve got there because
drinks are on the house if you really get it…”

“Yes sir,” I responded, “I’ll only accept your offer if you clearly see that I can predict whether you’ll succeed or fail in this business in ten seconds flat…”
So I pulled out a napkin-because I finally knew how to use my knowledge for good…

Listen, if you’re not making at least 6 figures in your PI business this year, while working less than 40 hours every week-then you aren’t doing it right.

You can guess what I revealed the new tricks I taught this old dog, or you can find out how spending the next ten days with me transformed his business because he finally nailed the three keys SPECIFIC to PI’s…

Key #1 How to get higher rates for every investigation, without inflating your results, lying to clients, or selling your soul.

Key #2 How to get your customers to pay you over and over again, or what he called a “higher lifetime value per customer”, easily, just by being you.

Key #3 How to stop wasting thousands on old advertising methods by honing in on the ones that are guaranteed to get any rookie or seasoned PI off the ground-in less than 4 weeks.

When you sign up today you’ll get instant access to the monthly newsletter that lays out the exact steps every private investigator must take to break through that glass ceiling, plus you’ll get a 30 minute complimentary best practice marketing investigative briefings worth $500 absolutely free.

And as promised, grabbing the insider intel that gets you the highest paying, longest lasting, fastest buying customers is 100% Free

You can figure out the many pieces to the puzzle, allow an expert to do it for you-or waste your time learning how to do it yourself-or keep leaving money on the proverbial table.

IF he could start over and choose his clients, and make the hundreds of thousands he lost, you know he’d do it.

Will you look back on this ten years from now and wish you’d done the same?

Helping You Find Exactly What You’re Looking For,
Paul Beauchemin

Paul Beauchemin

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